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  • Current event: New 30GW Offshore Wind Deployment Target by 2030 - By 2030, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a new and ambitious plan. The DOE is aiming to get 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore-cited wind power up and running. The DOE’s new national goal for wind power production is ambitious, but it is expected to generate many positive improvements. The large project will... See More
  • 5 things to know about ultra-capacitors - Ultra-capacitors are important components in the wind industry. They are designed to help maximize revenue and improve a turbine’s performance and efficiency at the time. If you are curious to learn more about what the advantages are of using an ultra-capacitor, Kurz Wind will gladly fill you in. Ultra-capacitors are quickly emerging as rising stars... See More
  • 15 Windiest Cities in America - When considering what the weather is like in a specific location, most people account for annual days of sunshine, precipitation, and humidity. However, most people don’t think about wind. Wind is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a place to live or even planning a vacation. To help you out, Kurz Wind... See More
  • 3 advantages of wind farms - From saving money on utility bills to providing a source of clean and regularly accessible power, there are many great reasons to consider wind energy for electricity. Kurz Wind has all the details on what makes wind a viable option for power production. Whether you’re planning to tap into the power of wind energy for... See More
  • What countries are the leaders in wind energy? - Around the world, wind is one of the most popular types of renewable energy. Wind-based electricity is only increasing in usage as countries and governments at the local, state, and federal levels strive to meet carbon targets. Some countries have already emerged as leaders in the area of wind energy production with a high volume... See More
  • 3 Things to Know about Des-Case Breathers - Des-Case is a leading name in the breather industry. In fact, the company was the first to produce a desiccant breather, which is still widely used in the wind industry today. For decades, Des-Case has partnered with leading global manufacturing companies to produce and deliver quality products. Kurz Wind has all the details you need... See More
  • 2021 Wind Scholarship Winners - The Results Are In… This year, for the first time ever, we have chosen four winners for the 2021 Kurz Industrial Solutions Wind Scholarship Fund. Each will earn $1,000 towards their college education within the Renewable Energy Sector. We are pleased to announce Britt Owen of the Technical University of Denmark, Jacob Schempp of Lake... See More
  • What is the process of energy transfer in wind turbines? - Whether you’re simply curious to learn how a wind turbine produces energy or you’re considering installing a wind system on your property, you can learn all about how turbines work and how they transfer energy through Kurz Wind. The helpful Kurz staff can tell you about how wind turbines produce, transfer, and use electricity, which... See More
  • What is the function of a slip ring? - If you’re wondering what slip rings are and when or why you might use them, Kurz Wind has the details. Slip rings, which are also called collector rings, electric swivels, or rotary electrical joints, are devices found in some alternating current (AC) motors. Their design and function varies based on their intended use. However, they... See More
  • How will wind energy be used in the future? - Wind energy is one of the most common types of renewable energy. Experts predict its popularity will increase even more in the future. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that by 2050, wind power might account for up to 35% of the world’s energy needs, which translates to 6,000 gigawatts.   Future Uses of... See More