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  • 5 Highlights from the Freqcon Ultracapacitor Podcast - In this podcast by Kurz Wind, Freqcon explains the advantages of ultracapacitors and how they are beneficial for use in the wind industry. Ultracapacitors, which are also called supercapacitors, are a type of energy storage for wind systems. They are used to store electrical energy, and they are increasingly more popular options for energy storage... See More
  • Bio Spotlight: Fred Brooks - Name Fred Brooks Job Title: Business Development Representative Years in Industry: 1 month Years with Kurz: 1 month Reason You love your career: The culture at Kurz is second to none. I get to work in a great industry with a great group of people. We work hard to provide solutions in the Wind industry,... See More
  • Brand Spotlight: Moog slip rings - Kurz Wind is proud to partner with brands that offer high-quality and innovative products. One company that Kurz partners with is Moog, which produces slip rings that are made for use in harsh environments. They are designed with quality and design in mind, and they are also specially designed to minimize downtime.   Moog Slip... See More
  • Current event – The world’s largest floating wind farm - Wind power is one of the most progressive and rapidly changing areas of renewable energy. As the industry continues to grow, larger and more diverse wind power systems are becoming more common. Some of the most exciting wind-related news comes from Europe, where the largest floating wind farm in the world was recently finished. The... See More
  • Brand Spotlight – Cobham - Kurz Wind is proud to partner with great companies to provide you with top products. One brand that Kurz would like to highlight is Cobham. Cobham is a top producer of innovative services and technology. The company specializes in providing solutions for difficult environments, including meeting the unique demands of wind turbines that operate in... See More
  • Current Event – Trades Council offers strong support for offshore wind industry - Kurz Wind is happy to announce that offshore wind development has more support now than ever before. The New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council, which is a powerful council in the state, has signed a letter supporting the development of large-scale wind production farms and operations off the coast. The council supports the development... See More
  • 3 things to know about deva pucks - Kurz Wind is always eager to bring you the latest in wind technology. You can now find DEVA Pucks at Kurz Wind, which is proud to be the only stocking distributor for DEVA Pucks in the country. In addition to bringing you an exclusive line of products, we have exceptional pricing and pucks that are... See More
  • Wind energy milestones - Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) releases a Wind Vision report that has information on the social, environmental, and economic value of wind power. The report shows what the benefits would be in theory to the U.S. population if wind energy supplied at least 35% of the country’s power by 2050.   What... See More
  • Bio Spotlight: Alex Sewell - Name: Alex Sewell Job Title: Outside Sales – Wind Division Years in industry: 5 years Years with Kurz: 1 Year Areas of expertise: Customer Service, Logistics, and Creating/Developing Professional Relationships Reason you love your career: From a young age I’ve always had a passion for helping people and solving problems! What better to accomplish that... See More
  • Brand Spotlight: Gleitmo - If you are searching for quality grease, look no further than Gleitmo from Fuchs. Gleitmo is simply considered to be the “best” grease in the world. It is widely applicable to several products, and it was developed by one of the leading companies for oil and grease. Today, Fuchs, which is the parent company, proudly... See More