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  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #16 – Freqcon Ultracapacitors -   Your browser does not support audio playback Freqcon Ultracapacitors Podcast Episode #16 – Kurz Wind   On this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, Dan Frantz sits down with Klaus Harder, Business Development manager of Freqcon GMBH, the 20 and 30NM Ultracapacitors GE turbines.   Wind Topics Covered During Kurz Wind’s Sixteenth Podcast... View Article
  • Most Effective Wind Turbine and Blade Design - The Best Wind Turbines and Blade Design   Wind turbines come in many shapes and sizes. Wind turbine blade designs are equally varied. Turbines are designed with either a horizontal or a vertical axis. Their blades are flat, rounded, or curved. In generating electricity, a horizontal-axis turbine with a three-blade design is most efficient for... View Article
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #15 – Gearbox Express - John McKay talks about Gearbox Express, the best wind turbine gearbox remanufacturing company from Mukwonago, WI.
  • Bio Spotlight: Mike McNamee - Name: Mike McNamee Job Title: Business Development Representative – Wind Division Years in Industry: 1 Years with Kurz: I am proud to say this is my first year with Kurz! Area(s) of expertise: Trained Wind Technician in preventative maintenance practices, troubleshooting with an emphasis on root cause analysis, rescue training, motor control, automation, web development... View Article
  • How Quickly Does a Wind Turbine Pay for Itself?  - How Quickly Does a Wind Turbine Pay for Itself?  The answer to the question of “how quickly do turbines pay for themselves?” depends on several factors, including the turbine’s size and its operating conditions. Several factors affect the price of wind power, including the winds at a particular location. Tax credits and the payment structure... View Article
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #13 – Sam Tasker of WindEsco -  Your browser does not support audio playback On this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, we had on Sam Tasker, Vice President of Sales, who has a decorated background with many different owner/operators and OEM’s in the Wind Industry. During our discussion, we cover topics such as: – AEP vs. Nameplate capacity of a... View Article
  • Are You Properly Maintaining Your Rotor Brakes? - Posted on Aug 03, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Wind turbines have many components, including rotor brakes. The rotor brakes on a wind turbine turn clamping force into braking torque. Ultimately, this prevents the rotor from moving while the turbine is idling. The brakes need to be properly serviced and maintained in order to reduce... View Article
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #12: Avtron - Your browser does not support audio playback Nidec-Avtron is a leading manufacturer of encoders and tachometers in the Wind Power space. With thousands of units installed in towers across the globe, they’re on the cutting edge of design, performance, and reliability for your Wind Turbines. In this episode, we cover: The AV56 Generation 3 Pitch... View Article
  • BIO Spotlight: Jay Austin - Name: Jay Austin Job Title: Sales Manager- Wind Division Years in Industry: 10 years of Industrial Sales Years with Kurz: 4.5 years at Kurz Area(s) of expertise: Wind Sales- especially slip ring generators, brushholders, and carbon brushes Why he loves his career: “I love the flexibility that the career at Kurz offers. There is a... View Article
  • BIO Spotlight: Beverly Rybak - Name: Beverly F. Rybak Job Title: Wind Business Development Coordinator Years in the industry: 9 Years in Wind plus 30+ Years in Supply Chain; Procurement; Analytics Years with Kurz: 3+ Years Area(s) of expertise: Supply Chain; Procurement; Analytics; Sales; related to WIND and Manufacturing Reason(s) you love your career: What’s not to love about being... View Article