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  • Importance of generating renewable energy - From health to economic stability, there are many benefits of wind power and other types of renewable energy. Wind is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy, and for a number of good reasons. Along with promoting energy independence and energy security, wind power reduces the risk of oil spills and imported fossil... See More
  • How long does it take a wind turbine to generate more power than what was used to create it - The amount of time that it takes for a wind turbine to pay for itself, which is also called the return on investment (ROI), varies widely. Depending on the size and location, the ROI can be as little as five months, or as long as 10-15 years. Most turbines pay off the cost of their... See More
  • How are wind turbines powered when there is no wind - Wind turbines can produce impressive amounts of power, and they can be excellent sources of alternative power for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. However, wind turbines generate power based on their surrounding environmental conditions. At times when there’s little wind in the atmosphere, turbines won’t produce as much energy. If you’re wondering... See More
  • 3 Advantages of Wind Energy - Wind energy is a popular, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable source of power. From energy independence to job growth and cost savings, wind provides many advantages as a source of power. If you are thinking of installing a turbine on your property or a large farm of turbines for commercial energy production, consider these universal benefits from... See More
  • Federal Mogul Deva Pucks - The Yaw Puck You Need in Your Wind Turbine – Federal Mogul Deva Pucks I’ve spent a lot of time with wind turbine technicians the last 6-month and generally enjoy asking questions about day-to-day work that’s done up-tower.  One of the least-celebrated jobs to do? Swapping out yaw pucks – especially if they have the 18 puck... See More
  • What I Learned From Wind Energy Podcasting in 2020 - Wind Energy Knowledge Gained Podcasting Throughout 2020 I have had the fortunate opportunity to interview Wind industry experts as the Kurz Wind Podcast host. As someone closely involved with operators, wind technicians, and site managers, I’ve gifted an exciting perspective of both day-by-day and significant picture Wind energy insights. This article is a deep dive... See More
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #14 – Exxon Mobil -   Your browser does not support audio playback In this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, we had on Jack Smodic – National Account Sales Executive Industrial Lubricants – and Michael Blumenfeld – Research Associate Lubricants Technology – to discuss all things lubrication in Wind. Our deep-dive covered: Basic principles of Wind Turbine lubrication.... See More
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #16 – Freqcon Ultracapacitors -   Your browser does not support audio playback Freqcon Ultracapacitors Podcast Episode #16 – Kurz Wind   On this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, Dan Frantz sits down with Klaus Harder, Business Development manager of Freqcon GMBH, the 20 and 30NM Ultracapacitors GE turbines.   Wind Topics Covered During Kurz Wind’s Sixteenth Podcast... See More
  • Most Effective Wind Turbine and Blade Design - The Best Wind Turbines and Blade Design   Wind turbines come in many shapes and sizes. Wind turbine blade designs are equally varied. Turbines are designed with either a horizontal or a vertical axis. Their blades are flat, rounded, or curved. In generating electricity, a horizontal-axis turbine with a three-blade design is most efficient for... See More
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #15 – Gearbox Express - John McKay talks about Gearbox Express, the best wind turbine gearbox remanufacturing company from Mukwonago, WI.