Importance of generating renewable energy

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From health to economic stability, there are many benefits of wind power and other types of renewable energy. Wind is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy, and for a number of good reasons. Along with promoting energy independence and energy security, wind power reduces the risk of oil spills and imported fossil fuels, and it helps conserve natural resources in the US and around the world.


Health Benefits

Better air quality and health is one of the top benefits of renewable energy. The American Lung Association reports that 62% of the country’s sulfur dioxide production comes from traditional power generation. Sulfur dioxide is an environmental toxin that negatively impacts respiratory health and has been linked to higher rates of asthma and asthma attacks. Traditional energy generation from fossil fuels also increases atmospheric levels of nitrogen oxides, which in turn react with sunlight to cause smog and ground-level ozone. Nitrogen oxides can also increase risk of respiratory ailments.


Energy Security

Energy security is another benefit of renewable energy production. Renewable energy creates reliable domestic sources of energy supplies, which increases fuel diversification and reduces the demand for fossil fuels imported from abroad. Minimizing demand from fossil fuels abroad saves tremendous amounts of money on transportation, reduces the nation’s carbon footprint, and lowers the risk of fuel spills.


Economic Opportunities

The continually increasing demand for alternative energy is also a key driver for jobs and economic growth. Renewable energy has contributed to the development of many new job opportunities, particularly in the installation and manufacturing sectors. Between 2016 and 2026, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for jobs in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry will increase by more than 100 percent, and demand for wind turbine technicians will increase by more than 95 percent in the same period of time. Combined, the two industries will see the fastest job growth rates in the country. Around the world, the renewable energy sector already employs more than 10 million people.


Energy Price Stability

Along with the many other benefits it provides, renewable energy can also save you money. Solar, wind, hydro power, and other sources of renewable energy do not necessitate transportation or tack on fuel costs. That makes them a more cost-effective source of electricity than traditional power created by fossil fuels. Furthermore, many forms of renewable energy are subject to tax incentives, rebates, and other financial incentives at the federal, state, and local levels, which can help home and business owners save even more money.

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