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Kurz Wind is proud to partner with brands that offer high-quality and innovative products. One company that Kurz partners with is Moog, which produces slip rings that are made for use in harsh environments. They are designed with quality and design in mind, and they are also specially designed to minimize downtime.


Moog Slip Rings

Moog produces slip rings designed for wind turbines. A slip ring that you get from Moog, regardless of the application, is built to last and withstand harsh environments. The high-quality design of the rings means that you won’t have as much downtime to worry about. For the company, the secret to success lies in using complex mechanical components and fiber brushes when designing the slip ring.

No matter what kind of slip ring you want to get, rest assured Moog has your needs covered. The company makes slip rings of many kinds. Some have a generic fit, while the company can also custom design slip rings to suit your precise application needs. Customers are encouraged to contact an engineer with the company if they have questions or want to get slip rings made specifically for their unique uses.


Why Use Slip Rings From Moog?

Moog’s slip rings are advantageous for several reasons. For starters, they won’t require maintenance for the first 100 million revolutions, which means that setup and use are a breeze. Wear and tear is minimal, and you won’t generate much debris. The slip rings also do not require much lubrication, and they have a wide range as far as the operating temperature is concerned. The products that you will get are exceptionally reliable, and they are not subject to regular inspections. Over time, the combination of a high-quality design and minimal maintenance requirements translates to a lower life cycle cost. Ultimately, you’ll spend less money on quality products that will benefit your applications for a long time to come.


Replacement Slip Rings

If you ever need to replace a slip ring, Moog has the replacement items that you need. One component that you can order for a replacement is a direct replacement slip ring for a NEG Micon NM72 wind turbine. Moog’s replacement components are made to attach directly to the gearbox. They also have a clear passage for the wiring and hydraulic lines. Additionally, you can also get replacement slip rings for GE wind turbines. The replacement components are bolted to the existing gearbox, and they have a variety of numbered terminal blocks so that you can match the ring to the turbine wiring harness. Lastly, you can get a replacement slip ring for a Suzlon S88 turbine. This replacement part provides a direct connection between the terminal connection and the gearbox. The connections can be made in both the rotor junction and the stator boxes. All the replacement parts that you get are conveniently shipped with a heater installed for use in cold weather.


Custom Solutions

If you aren’t seeing exactly what you are looking for in Moog’s current line of products, don’t worry. The company will happily create a product just for you! You may request a consultation with a staff member in the engineering department in case you want to have a custom-designed solution that meets your company’s and your application’s needs.


Types of Rings Available

Ordering a ring means you can find one for many different uses, including:
• Commercial
• Aerospace and defense
• Marine
• Medical
• Oilfield
• Wind turbine


If you’re looking for premium slip rings for your demanding and unique applications, Kurz Wind can help you out. Simply let the helpful staff know what you’re looking for, and they’ll help you find the ideal solution.

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