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Kurz Wind is proud to partner with great companies to provide you with top products. One brand that Kurz would like to highlight is Cobham. Cobham is a top producer of innovative services and technology. The company specializes in providing solutions for difficult environments, including meeting the unique demands of wind turbines that operate in harsh conditions. You can find all the products that you need for your equipment from Cobham at Kurz Wind, including top products such as contactless slip rings.


About Cobham

Cobham is a multinational entity that has facilities in the US, Sweden, and France. With an international presence, the company easily serves customers located around the world. The company offers products to many markets, including medical, industrial, telecommunication, space, and defense. Wind turbines and wind energy systems are also key customers for Cobham’s products, particularly slip rings. Wind turbines successfully use slip rings to operate in extreme situations around the world. Across all industries, Cobham focuses on producing leading products and technological solutions that are used in tough environments that require top-notch products to operate efficiently.



There are many top products that you can find at Kurz. Some of the company’s top product lines include:

  • Rotating sub systems
  • Microwave systems and components
  • Slip rings


Slip Rings

Cobham’s slip ring product line is designed for use in offshore wind energy production and onshore wind projects. Cobham’s slip rings are GE OEM approved, and the company has delivered more than 70,000 pitch slip rings to turbine OEM manufacturers. The slip rings are hardy products that have a durable design. This quality design means that they are not subject to mechanical failures or fatigue. Additionally, you’ll have a lower cost of maintenance and a lower ownership cost. The slip rings belong to a line of products called contactless electronics, which are designed to transmit data in real-time and therefore enable continuous operations. The contactless slip rings allow for highly efficient data transfer over shorter distances. Along with expediting data transfer, contactless slip rings reduce heat and friction between stationary and rotating components, which in turn improves their lifespan and reduces the risk of premature wear. The slip rings also have a strong seal design that keeps oil from getting into the system. Their brushes will last up to 10 years, and to date, there have not been any brush failures reported on GE applications. The plug-and-play design on the products also translates to faster installation and less system downtime.


There are many great products available at Kurz Wind from Cobham to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. You can find the company’s products on the Kurz website, where you can order products on a large or small scale depending on your needs. If you have any questions about the line of products available or how they can help with your system operations, don’t hesitate to ask.

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