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If you are searching for quality grease, look no further than Gleitmo from Fuchs. Gleitmo is simply considered to be the “best” grease in the world. It is widely applicable to several products, and it was developed by one of the leading companies for oil and grease. Today, Fuchs, which is the parent company, proudly distributes its top-selling product around the world.


A Tailored Solution
Whenever you have a problem that needs to be solved, you can count on Fuchs to provide you with a custom solution. The company recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to properly lubricating manufacturing equipment. Therefore, you’ll find quality products that are tailored specifically to the unique needs within different markets. The components of a wind turbine, for instance, need to be properly lubricated and greased to function at their best. The products from Fuchs take care of those needs for Kurz Wind, and they are designed to meet the requirements of systems with different weight limits.


Pitch Bearing Applications
Pitch bearings are difficult applications for grease. Pitch bearings have a unique technology. They are commonly found in wind turbines, which have blades that are either pitched into or out of the wind. Many turbines today have their blades operated by computers, regardless of whether the blades pitch into the wind or out of it. The computer-based technology that controls the blades makes them have the ability to stop quickly, vibrate, and turn. The blades require proper lubrication for this task, as their pitch bearings are under continual tension. Gleitmo’s unique properties allow it to resist corrosion and protect parts against vibration. By properly lubricating pitch bearings, the product ultimately extends the bearings’ lifespan and helps capture extra wind energy. In turn, that added efficiency also increases revenue and bottom line, which translates to a happy customer.


Bottom-Line Benefits
Many customers find that Gleitmo’s benefits pay off when it comes to their bottom line. Gleitmo’s technology includes reactive while solids, which ultimately form a chemical bond with the surface. High heat is used to help form a strong chemical bond, which allows for lubrication and ensures a steady reaction that leads to pitch bearings that last longer. Some of the main benefits that you will see translate into improved ROI are a high tolerance to both hot and cold temperatures and a special feature that helps to keep corrosion away. Gleitmo’s hardy properties also give the product resistance against corrosion and oxidation, which generally occurs with exposure to higher temperatures. With high-quality grease, you also don’t need to lubricate the end product as often, which means less maintenance overall. Another key benefit of the product is that it resists aging. Even when equipment needs to operate in harsh and stressful environments, the advantage of Gleitmo’s advanced lubrication properties keeps your wind turbine or other technology working safely and at its best.


Product Highlights
There are many benefits of using Fuchs’ lubricant for your product’s needs. The product can prevent fretting corrosion, and it can also provide protection against rusting. It resists aging well, and it can help equipment function reliability even under stressful operating conditions. Long-lasting service intervals are another highlight. Protection against extensive wear is another advantage of using the product, and it works smoothly in a wide range of temperatures.

Industries Served

Fuchs serves several industries. Its applications and products, including Gleitmo, are found in the following industries: automotive, aviation, locomotive, food processing, and industrial equipment. Wind energy is another sector that commonly uses the product and enjoys many great benefits.


For more details on Fuchs and Gleitmo, contact the experts at Kurz Wind.


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