Fuchs GLEITMO 585k

Why Fuchs GLEITMO 585k is “The Best Grease in the World.”


Who is Fuchs – and How Do I Pronounce Their Name?

I have some Fuchs promotional gear I like to sport every now and then.  So you can avoid the awkward stares I’ve gotten, I’ll help you out with the pronunciation. It’s FOOKS (as in spooks). Fuchs Lubricants is the largest global and independent manufacturer of oils and greases in the world – meaning, they don’t drill for their own oil.  They have an increasingly important ability (and responsibility) to vet and analyze oils they source for their customers. Fuchs serves many different industries and applications like automotive, locomotive, aviation, food processing and industrial. Kurz Wind Division has worked extensively with Fuchs to pass on the best product to our Wind technicians and site managers.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Isn’t Ideal

“You would do a disservice with your customers if you can use the same grease for all different applications.” Don Brazen, Fuchs Sales Manager Each application within the wind turbine – pitch, yaw, main bearing, generator bearing – is specialized to maximize the life and performance of the wind turbine.  Each component needs a highly-specific grease (or oil) to accommodate the different loads and strains of turbine movement and output. While some lubrication companies are trying to move toward a one-size-fits-all grease/oil for wind turbines, Fuchs is creating a specialized line of Wind Turbine Oils and Greases to promote healthy, powerful turbines that match the demands of the application.

Wind Turbine Pitch Bearings and Gleitmo 585 K

Question: What makes the pitch system such a difficult application for greases? Answer: It’s the complex technology and active pitch system that maximizes the amount of wind harnessed and power (MW) output.  Older turbine types and technologies often had two options when pitching their blades: into the wind, or out of the wind. Today, a computer actively pitches the blades in and out of the wind to maintain high levels of efficiency and power production.  The blades are longer and heavier.  They turn, stop quickly, and vibrate. The movement of the blades is just a few degrees, putting continuous tension on the pitch bearings. “GLEITMO 585 K is used for bearings and lubrication points of all types subject to particularly stringent requirements. For lubrication points subject to risk of fretting corrosion or exposed to oscillatory movements and vibration.” If you are tearing up your pitch bearings, you shorten the life of the pitch bearing, and you won’t be able to capture that extra wind and production money. Enter Gleitmo 585 K.

How Does Gleitmo 585 K Help my Turbine’s ROI?

Gleitmo 585K has proprietary reactive white solids. These solids do not burnish into the surface, but they chemically bond with the surface in high heat. The chemical bond allows you to find the lubricate and react with the surface ensuring longer lasting pitch bearings. Some might say that you should not use solids in roller element bearings.  Fuchs tends to agree.  However, these pitch bearings are typically NOT rolling! Main ROI Benefits of Gleitmo 585K:
  1. Gleitmo 585 K has a high tolerance to both cold and hot environments (-40C to +130C).
  2. Gleitmo 585 K prevents fretting corrosion.
  3. Gleitmo 585 K has exceptional corrosion protection – oxidation causes failures from high temps, reference point 1.
  4. You can extend the time between lubrication maintenance cycles – fewer climbs for greases.
  5. Gleitmo 585 K is resilient to aging – see point 4.
Ultimately, Gleitmo 585 K allows your turbines to run with high efficiency even within the confines of stressful environments.

What Has Been Our Customers Feedback?

At Kurz Wind, our focus is providing our customers with premium products and advanced solutions for common turbine failure modes. The feedback we have seen from our customers has been phenomenal. Try a few cartridges on some of your pesky turbines, and know you’ll feel the same. Interested in Additional Fuchs Wind Turbine Products? Gearbox: Gearmaster ECO 320 Main Bearings: Stabyl EOS E 2 Generator Bearings: Urethyn XHD 2 Gear Teeth Flanks: CEPLATTYN 300 Aerosol Spray Chain Hoist Grease. Rusted Tower Bolts. Connect with the Kurz Wind Team for questions on Fuchs products. We can schedule a time to evaluate your current product line and see if Fuchs would be a good fit for your Wind site.