15 Windiest Cities in America

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When considering what the weather is like in a specific location, most people account for annual days of sunshine, precipitation, and humidity. However, most people don’t think about wind. Wind is an important factor to consider when you are choosing a place to live or even planning a vacation. To help you out, Kurz Wind has compiled a list of the 15 windiest cities in America.


1. Cold Bay, Alaska 

Cold Bay has cool temperatures, as the name implies, and it’s also the windiest city in the US with an average wind speed of 16.2 MPH. The windiest month is February.


2. St. Paul Island, Alaska 

Another Alaska city, called St. Paul Island, makes the list as the second windiest place in the US. Average wind speeds here are 15.5 MPH. January has the highest volumes of wind.


3. Dedham, Massachusetts 

Dedham on the East Coast is the third windiest US city. Winds here average 15 MPH, and they are strongest in March.


4. Kaktovik, Alaska 

Kaktovik is another place to either visit or avoid depending on how you feel about wind. Winds are strongest in January. Year-round, Kaktovik has average wind speeds of 13.3 MPH.


5. Linue, Hawaii  

Linue in Hawaii ties with Kaktovik as one of the nation’s windiest places. The average wind speed here is also 13.3 MPH, but the windiest month on average is July.


6. Dodge City, Kansas

With average annual wind speeds of 13.2 MPH, Dodge City is living proof that the wind does, in fact, come sweeping down the plains. Dodge City’s windiest month is April.


7. Kahului, Hawaii  

Kahului also ranks high on the list of windiest cities in the America. The average wind speed in Kahului is 12.9 MPH. Winds here are generally strongest in June.


8. Amarillo, Texas 

Texas has some of the strongest winds, which is also why it’s a top location for Kurz Wind power. Amarillo has some of the strongest winds in the state with an average of 12.8 MPH winds. The month that experiences the most wind in Amarillo is April.


9. Barrow, Alaska 

Alaska is another state with a number of cities that top the charts nationwide for wind speed. Barrow has an average wind speed of 12.6 MPH. The month with the strongest winds is October. Barrow is a city for the hardy, as it also has one of the lowest average high temperatures in the US with an annual average of a mere 17.2°F.


10. Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Cheyenne has an average wind speed of 12.4 MPH. The month that generally receives the strongest winds is January. Cheyenne experiences all four seasons with winters that have cold temperatures and bitter wind chills.


11. Rochester, Minnesota 

It might sound surprising that more cities in the Midwest don’t make the list for top windy destinations in the US. However, Rochester puts the middle of the country on the map with its average annual wind speeds of 12.2 MPH. Rochester experiences the most volume of wind in April. Spring is generally the windiest season, while summer storms can produce a fair amount of wind as well.


12. New York, New York 

Although it has higher average annual temperatures than Rochester, MN, New York City has the same average wind speed of 12.2 MPH. Winds are strongest in the Big Apple during the months of February and March. January can also be cold and windy in this populous East Coast city.


13. Goodland, Kansas 

Kansas has several cities with strong winds. Goodland is also on the list of windy destinations in the US. Average wind speeds here are also 12.2 MPH.


14. Clayton, New Mexico 

Winds in Clayton are just a notch below NYC at an average of 12.1 MPH. Clayton gets the most wind in April.


15. Casper, Wyoming  

With wind speeds of 12 MPH, Casper is one of the top cities for wind in the US.


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