5 things to know about ultra-capacitors

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Ultra-capacitors are important components in the wind industry. They are designed to help maximize revenue and improve a turbine’s performance and efficiency at the time. If you are curious to learn more about what the advantages are of using an ultra-capacitor, Kurz Wind will gladly fill you in. Ultra-capacitors are quickly emerging as rising stars of the wind energy industry. They are popular for several reasons, including the fact that they are efficient and compact. They are also safer than other equipment commonly used in wind systems, including batteries.


Widespread Installation

One indication of ultra-capacitors’ value is the fact that so many have been installed to date. To date, Kurz Wind has installed thousands of wind ultra-capacitors in the field. Compared to other equipment and machinery used in wind-powered systems, ultra-capacitors are quick and easy to set up, which makes them a practical choice particularly for large-scale wind production systems and wind farms. Ultra-capacitors can be tailored to a customer’s specific request, and they provide a stable and predictable installation in a range of temperatures. Maintenance requirements are minimal with ultra-capacitors, which enhances their popularity even more.



Along with a simple setup, ultra-capacitors are also readily available. Kurz has installed many capacitors, and they are generally in stock on the shelf at Kurz Industrial Solutions’ facility in Wisconsin. With products available for dispatching to customers in various locations, Kurz can meet customer demand for installing ultra-capacitors.



Everyone likes to have peace of mind when they purchase a product, especially if the product in question is a large and expensive one. Each ultra-capacitor from Kurz Wind comes with generous warranty coverage. Warranty coverage can last up to several years from the time that you buy the product for your peace of mind. The warranty coverage can also be extended to about 10 years if the system meets certain conditions. The ultra-capacitor must be correctly installed, and it must also have adequate maintenance on a regular basis. The product can also be registered for an extended warranty. You can ask for an extension of the warranty if your system is already registered. Registration can be completed online for convenience.



If you want a capacitor that lasts a long time, be sure to inquire about the ultra-capacitors that Kurz Wind installs. Kurz’s capacitors are durable and designed to last a long time. Unlike other equipment used in wind energy, ultra-capacitors do not have a finite number of charges. Instead, you can charge them for a nearly infinite and unlimited number of hours. The lifespan of a capacitor from Kurz is quite impressive. They can last up to one million cycles for a charge depending on the type of capacitor that you get. Additionally, they have a hardy design that makes them more likely to hold up to stresses from the outside environment over time that may cause damage to other systems.



Safety is always a concern for conscientious plant and equipment operators. One benefit of using ultra-capacitors is that they are safe. They also have a lower risk of developing leaks compared to batteries, and they can withstand overcharge as well. Ultra-capacitors do not have a risk of catching fire, which makes them an especially popular choice for wind farms that are in areas with a high fire risk. They do not require a complicated battery system, and they are also non-toxic, which makes any associated waste disposal much more manageable. It also improves their efficiency by nearly 15 percent.


To find out more about ultra-capacitors and wind energy production, contact the staff at Kurz Wind today.

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