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Kurz Wind is always eager to bring you the latest in wind technology. You can now find DEVA Pucks at Kurz Wind, which is proud to be the only stocking distributor for DEVA Pucks in the country. In addition to bringing you an exclusive line of products, we have exceptional pricing and pucks that are readily available. If you are wondering why to make the switch to DEVA Pucks, the knowledgeable staff at Kurz Wind will happily fill you in.


Low Maintenance

One of the great advantages of DEVA Pucks is they require very little maintenance. By nature, yaw pucks require a fair amount of greasing. However, greasing yaw pucks can be tedious and frustrating. It is often difficult to reach the pucks, which makes it difficult to properly lubricate the product. The lubrication process can also be dirty and time-consuming. A major advantage of DEVA Pucks is they are self-lubricating products. That means you don’t have to spend all your time on maintenance or deal with the hassle of trying to lubricate a part that is tough to get to. Since the pucks are self-lubricating, you also don’t need to worry about greasing the components, but you are welcome to do so if you want.



If you want to get pucks that last a long time, DEVA is an optimal choice. You will get anywhere from 7 to 10 years of life from your product, provided you take proper care of the component. One of the reasons that the pucks last so long is that they are made of a different material than most pucks. Most pucks are made of composite material, but DEVA parts are made of metallic alloy instead. Their metallic alloy construction makes them more stable than other types of pucks and eliminates common problems such as cracking. Problems like that can necessitate a part replacement and reduce its lifespan. Compared to their composite counterparts, metallic pucks do not need to be greased. That characteristic helps them last longer, and they are easy to operate and maintain.



Another good reason to consider using DEVA Pucks is that you can look forward to having high-quality components in your turbine system. These products are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved, which means they are built to the highest standards in the industry. OEM components are built to the exact size and shape as original parts, which means you can purchase them confidently knowing that they will make your equipment look and perform just as well as it did before. You’ll also get a warranty in case the part breaks within a certain period and needs to be replaced. The pucks are also designed in such a way that they eliminate fog horning, which is the unpleasant rattling noise that can happen if there is too much friction.


Now that you know the advantages of DEVA Pucks, the staff at Kurz Wind can help you determine if they are right for you. Contact Kurz’s helpful associates to learn more about the advantages of switching to DEVA, including having healthier wind turbines in the future and maximizing ROI.

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