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Posted on June 10, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions

A Note From Jay

I’ve been with Kurz for almost three years now. It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve been to over thirty states, met hundreds, if not thousands, of new people, and tried to truly listen to our customers to understand how their companies and turbines operate. It’s reinforced my love of the wind industry. The people in this industry are phenomenal, kind, energetic, and industrious. Working in Wind is infectious.

As much as I’ve learned, I know that I will never know everything about this industry. There are so many turbine types, owners/operators, and suppliers. Everything changes so quickly. The expectations of what works best, how companies operate, and where Kurz is needed is rapidly shifting.

So, what’s next?

Jay Austin Wind Sales Manager 2017 Salesman of the Year award

Jay winning the 2017 Salesman of the Year award at Kurz.

It’s widely understood that having an internet presence is important, so we are investing heavily in our marketing and e-commerce. We are hoping to be as easy as possible to work with via online.

Kurz Wind has added many new suppliers with more to be announced shortly. These are primarily OEM suppliers who have been looking to expand their aftermarket presence. We are excited to have such phenomenal companies who are interested in partnering with us.

Additionally, we’ve invested in adding staff to our team. Beverly Rybak has been full time with us for just over a year and she has transformed our business operations. Dan Frantz has been with us for seven months and he brings phenomenal energy and perspective to everything we do. We are hoping to add two more new hires to our division in the next twelve to eighteen months. If anyone knows of anyone interested in joining Kurz Wind, please have them contact me.

Did you know we ran a scholarship this year? Getting applicants from quality programs was nice, as was knowing we were giving back to the community helping towards Renewable Energy education. However, the best part about this for us was gaining some solid relationships with quality programs at some of these Universities. Hoping this can help towards the future of the Wind Industry as a whole.

We try to do everything possible to communicate openly and transparently. For us, our growth is possible only because we value our integrity so highly. We never want to make a sale unless the end user is fully aware of what we are offering. We have a long-term perspective.

Overall, we are trying to help however we can. It’s inspiring to be a small part of making a more sustainable world. Thank you for believing in us. We will do our best to never let you down.

All the best,

Jay Austin

Sales Manager- Wind Division

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