Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #05: Vestas

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Kurz Wind Podcast
Kurz Wind Podcast
Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #05: Vestas


Trisha Long, Parts Sales Analyst of Vestas, joined Dan Frantz on the Kurz Wind Podcast for yet another fascinating discussion about the Wind Industry, common challenges for site managers, and the rapid growth of the global Wind Turbine company, Vestas.  She has an impressive background in Wind and has worked at established companies like EDF to a small, dynamic Wind group called Upwind – now acquired by Vestas.


Who is Vestas?

Vestas is a wind turbine manufacturer that has been in operation for 110 years.  With a 22% global market share as of 2018, the company has become the global leader in sustainable energy resources.  They have warehouses all over the world, including Europe, and continues to evolve with more parts supply coming from various parts of the globe.  In the US, the main warehouse is in Houston, Texas.

Vestas has mastered the global distribution of parts and focuses on developing great relationships with their vendors.  They use critical site data aggregation to forecast, predict, and maintain high-level site operations while operating with a very lean inventory.

They’ve also decided to go full steam into digital and E-Commerce.  Shop Vestas is an ongoing project focused on delivering a centralized website for their customers to source all of their parts needs with full transparency.

In the future, Vestas’ objective is to become an energy solution provider where they will work with other companies to create wind farms to satisfy the global thirst for Renewable Energy resources.

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