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  • Wind Turbine Intricacies - 12 Intricacies of a Wind Turbine Posted on November 11, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions To many people, a wind turbine looks much like a mechanical flower, complete with a sturdy base and petal-like blades. While the turbine’s sleek design looks simple from the outside, there’s actually a complex mechanical system inside the turbine that... See More
  • Wind Turbine Lifespan - How Long Does a Wind Turbine Last? Posted on December 5, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Given their massive size, it’s logical to think that a wind turbine will last forever. Unfortunately, even a wind turbine won’t last forever. Wind turbines, as with any form of technology, are not designed to last indefinitely. As technology... See More
  • German Town Ditching Traditional Electricity - This German Town Pulls the Plug on Traditional Electricity Posted on January 13, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions It’s common to hear of homes going off the grid. But entire towns? The city of Bordesholm in Germany recently made renewable energy news as the first city in the world to disconnect from the grid. The... See More
  • Nations Largest Array - NV Energy Gears up for 2020 with the Nation’s Largest Array Posted on February 10, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions There’s a saying that everything is bigger and better in Texas. But as recent renewable energy news shows, that saying can extend to Nevada, too. In 2019, state regulators gave one of the top energy... See More
  • Wind Turbine Hydraulics - Hydraulics in Wind Turbines Posted on September 12, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions   You may be familiar with wind power and hydraulics. Initially, these two things might appear to be unrelated. But the wind industry actually uses hydraulics in many applications. Wind turbines actually rely on hydraulics to produce the density and provide the... See More
  • Apple Renewable Contributions - How Apple is Contributing to Renewable Energy Posted on October 1, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Most people associate the name “Apple” with electronics. But now, it’s linked to renewable energy, too. In 2019, Apple announced plans to invest in three wind projects in Hunan China. Two of the three large-scale wind farms produce 48... See More
  • Bio Spotlight- Adam Timm - Bio Spotlight- Adam Timm Our monthly sales bio spotlight is where you can learn more about the stellar team we have at Kurz! Name: Adam Timm Job Title: Inside Sales Representative Years in industry: 4+ years Years with Kurz: 4+ years Area of expertise: Drives and Controls Reasons you love your career: Kurz is a... See More
  • 2020 Wind Scholarship Winner - 2020 Wind Scholarship Winner The Results Are In… We’ve chosen our two winners for the 2020 Kurz Industrial Solutions Wind Scholarship Fund. Each will earn $1,000 towards their college education within the Renewable Energy Sector. We are pleased to announce Eduardo Huapaya of Arizona State and Molly Mollenkamp of Northwestern are our two winners! See... See More
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #11: mCloud Technologies - mCloud Technologies Your browser does not support audio playback Take Care of Your Wind Turbines Like You Would a Patient! In this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, we interview David Hartwell, Vice President of Sales, Asset Care and Wind, mCloud Technologies, to discuss how AI, Performance Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data are changing... See More
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #10: Parker Hannifin - Parker Hannifin Your browser does not support audio playback In this episode of the Kurz Wind Podcast, we were joined by Tom Ulery of Parker Hannifin. Tom works out of Cleveland, Ohio and is a massive Lebron James and Post Malone fan.  Tom has been at Parker for 39 years and currently holds the role... See More