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  • 5 Windiest Cities in America - 5 Windiest Cities in America If you were asked to name the windiest city in the United States, “Chicago” would probably be your answer. Its nickname is “Windy City,” after all! But in reality, there are actually many cities in the country that are windier. When naming the windiest city of them all, the National... View Article
  • Turbine Power in the South - Turbine Power in the South The Earth continues to rotate and weather patterns constantly change. Wind is the result of these activities. In fact, nearly every part of the globe has some wind blowing during a given part of the day. It makes sense that energy industries would look toward wind turbines as a lucrative,... View Article
  • Windmills vs. Wind Turbines - Windmills vs. Wind Turbines With the growing popularity of alternative energy, you have probably heard the term “wind energy” (or “winergy”) before. However, not all sources of wind-derived power are the same. Two common sources of wind power are windmills and wind turbines. They are both forms of kinetic energy, which is essentially anything that... View Article
  • Brief Wind History - Brief Wind History A Brief History of the Wind Industry Posted on March 6, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Hello! My name is Dan Frantz, the newest member of the Kurz Wind Team. I’m thankful to be working within the Wind Industry with Kurz Industrial Solutions and wanted to share my experiences throughout the process... View Article
  • Fun Electricity Facts - 7 Fun Facts About Electricity Posted on August 13, 2019 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Electric power is a fascinating concept. From traditional fossil fuels like oil and gasoline to newer electric sources like solar and wind, which spins turbines to generate power, there are many sources that produce electricity. Whatever form of energy you use,... View Article
  • Bio Spotlight: Daniel Frantz - Name: Dan Frantz Job Title: Wind Outside Sales Representative Years in industry: 2 Years Years with Kurz: 2 Years Areas of expertise: Carbon Brushes and Electric Pitch System Reason you love your career: Our customers are some of the best people I have met, period. The culture and close-knit community in Wind is unmatched in... View Article
  • Powering Indiana and Beyond - Powering Indiana and Beyond The rural spaces of Indiana make it a perfect backdrop for a wind farm. Crops can be sown underneath and between the turbines as power needs are solved with this sustainable array. When you’re out in Benton County, Indiana, be ready to greet 50,000 acres of wind turbines. Discover the fascinating... View Article
  • Wind Turbines During Operations - Wind Turbines During Operations The graceful turns of a wind turbine aren’t often associated with heat or friction. They appear like birds on the horizon. From an engineer’s perspective, however, there’s always a concern about overheating. The blades rotate at incredible speeds, which are funneled into internal components that ultimately provide sustainable energy to local... View Article
  • Wind Leveraging Tax Credits - Wind Leveraging Tax Credits If you look out on a wind-turbine farm, there might be dozens of structures spinning in the breeze. A single turbine can cost thousands of dollars. This type of investment takes commitment on the part of the owner. Many companies want to get into the wind business, but there are financial... View Article
  • So You think You Can Be A Wind Turbine Tech - So You Think You Can Be A Wind Turbine Tech Harnessing the power of the wind. Sounds easy enough right? It’s just a big pole with blades on top. How hard can that be? Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a wind turbine technician to see if you really have... View Article