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  • Oh, like windmills? - Oh, like windmills? That’s cool! Posted on November 9, 2017 by Kurz Industrial Solutions A letter from Jay…. “Oh like windmills? That’s cool!” … Above is the most commonly received response whenever I explain my occupation. In the Midwest, wind turbines (not windmills) are a common sight. With powerful winds, support from local governments, and... See More
  • Turbine Not Spinning - Turbine Not Spinning? It’s Dan Frantz again! I’m back to writing after a few trips to AWEA conferences (San Diego and Houston) on top of a ton of positive changes at Kurz. If you haven’t been able to check out some of the informative work I’ve compiled over the last couple months, feel free to... See More
  • Renewable Energy Jobs - Renewable Energy Jobs Hello again! I’m Dan Frantz, the newest member of the Kurz Wind Team. I’m thankful to be working within the Wind Industry with Kurz Industrial Solutions and wanted to share my experiences throughout the process from initial research to my take on the wind industry itself now that I’ve been here for... See More
  • Wind Turbine Facts - Wind Turbine Facts Most people view soaring wind turbines as extremely visible examples of modern technology and human ingenuity, but these amazing machines are actually closely related to windmills that were used to crush grain and pump water thousands of years ago. While a Bronze Age windmill and a modern wind turbine may share the... See More
  • How Much Land for a Turbine? - How Much Land for a Turbine? Those graceful blades rotating in the wind are a triumph in the energy industry. Wind farms and individual turbines produce steady streams of electricity that are entirely sustainable. Burning fossil fuels isn’t as critical to civilized life anymore. At Kurz, our goals include clean energy for nearly everyone across... See More
  • Wind Energy Stats - Wind Energy Stats Graphic image and statistics, courtesy of: SaveOnEnergy.com
  • Online Wear Debris Monitoring with Poseidon - Online Wear Debris Monitoring of Wind Turbine Gearboxes with Poseidon Systems Posted on April 8, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions Poseidon Systems offers sensors, oil conditioning monitoring and wear debris monitoring solutions to Wind turbine operators. When Kurz Wind sat down with Stephen Steen – Vice President of Industrial IoT, they had installed 5,500 Wind... See More
  • Wind Power In The Food & Beverage Industry - Wind Power In The Food & Beverage Industry Happy American Wind Week! Most people know that wind turbines produce wind energy, or “winergy.” But did you know that wind energy can also make food? Some brands use wind technology to power the facilities that make their products. For others, wind power is part of a... See More
  • Bio Spotlight: Robert Moore - Name Robert Moore Job Title: Business Development Representative Wind Division Years in Industry: 2 Years with Kurz: 1 Year Areas of expertise: Computer Development, Web development, Wind Farm Operations, Procurement, Inventory Management Reason I love my career: The Wind Industry is a global business but with a close-knit community. This community and the culture gives... See More
  • Windiest in Texas - 3 Windiest Places in the Lone Star State Posted on January 8, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions If you’re thinking of moving to Texas or planning a vacation at the beach, it’s important to know the weather. Each year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) compiles the list of top windy cities in the... See More