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  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #02: Fuchs Lubricants - Fuchs Lubricants Your browser does not support audio playback Kurz Wind Division’s Dan Frantz had the pleasure of interviewing Don Brazen, Sales Manager of Fuchs Lubricants Co., a former Purdue Boilermaker and self-proclaimed “lubricant nerd” living in Kansas City.  We sat down with Don to understand more about how Fuchs has become a rapidly growing... View Article
  • Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #01: Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys - Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys The Talented Few that Power America’s Renewable Energy Boom – The Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys Story Meet Neal Gyngard (pronounced Jin-guard), the founder and enthusiastic operator of Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys.  He’s a former UC Riverside Business School graduate gone rogue after the corporate grind didn’t suit his life’s calling.  With... View Article
  • Future of Renewables - GE Leader Talks About Future of Renewables Posted on June 12, 2020 by Kurz Industrial Solutions By Jay Austin The Boston Women’s Energy Network is bringing together a series of experts in energy and climate change to share their stories throughout their careers and provide expertise on a range of topics that they lead. I... View Article